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The camera I use is in a native format of 2x3, or 4x6, or 8x12...etc. If you buy a print in, say, 8x10, the printer must CROP the original photo. Understand that *I* crop all these shots before they're put up, that's how I think they'll look their best; and if they're cropped *again* ugly things may happen, or nice things may be lost, however you want to think about it. The pricing isn't that much different, so if you want a larger print, splurge a bit and get an 8x12! (They will also crop the 5x7 solution for this but to go smaller 4x6 or bump it up to 8x12!). Metallic paper is extra-cool.

If you see an image with a border/frame kinda deal, it's been sized to EXACTLY will work optimally at that size (but could be a 4x6, too). Cropping is a giant NO!

NOTE: Sometimes (rarely, though...) I will resize an image in an "odd" attention to the filename and, if altered, the true size will be there; for example..."highschool32x8.0045"...that would indicate the resize is 32x8 inches which can be ordered...


Some of these pageantry venues have lighting that "cycles" in different hertz ranges; therefore the color temperature changes many times a second . This condition makes it impossible for a modern DSLR camera to get the white balance right throughout the performance of any given group (it has to do with the light cycling, fast shutter speeds, and *one* WB setting the equipment is working with). So what I do is try to get a skin-tone average in post production software, but you may see color shifts between shots nonetheless. With so many shots to process in a timely manner, I choose to not deal with every affected image; realistically, I can't and still get these things done. I would be happy to revisit individual shots, feel free to contact me and we'll go from there.

I do some limited mounting, using a wonderful product called Gatorboard that won't bend or warp over time, plus archival-quality adhesive. So if you want me to do that work, just drop me a line at and we'll go from there!

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