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Whew! Now that championships are done my job is to catch up! Very few shows are complete, so if your kid's group was in one that you see, rest assured I'll get to it. If you email me and ask, more than likely the pics will be forthcoming! My immediate goal is to process the WBA championships. I'll start with medalists and class champions, then get the bands from the 4A/5A prelim show that didn't make the Sunday contest. THEN I'll backtrack and get the remainder...eventually having both shows I shot up on the site.
Remember, I go through all the shots so it's not an instantaneous process. If I work with a high school, or if someone asks specifically, I'll try to get those up soonest...thanks for your time!


The camera I use is in a native format of 2x3, or 4x6, or 8x12...etc. If you buy a print in, say, 8x10, the printer must crop the so with caution as I crop a bit in processing, so there may be little room for you to edit. The pricing isn't that much different, so if you want a larger print, splurge a bit and get an 8x12. But of course you can opt for 8x10. (They will also crop the 5x7 solution for this but to go smaller 4x6 or bump it up to 8x12).

Metallic paper is extra-cool, the colors just pop off the paper.

If you see an image with a border/frame kinda deal, it's been sized to EXACTLY the size indicated in the image ID. Cropping is a giant NO for these treatments!

I also will take liberties when I see the and white or other color treatments may appear!

NOTE ON ASPECT RATIO: Sometimes (rarely, though...) I will resize an image in an "odd" attention to the filename and, if altered, the true size will be there; for example..."highschool32x8.2345"...that would indicate the resize is 32x8 inches which can be ordered. These shots are kinda "special"...the treatment is not arbitrary at all...


Some of these pageantry venues have lighting that "cycles" in different hertz ranges; therefore the color temperature changes many times a second . This condition makes it impossible for a modern DSLR camera to get the white balance right throughout the performance of any given group (it has to do with the light cycling, fast shutter speeds, and *one* WB setting the equipment is working with). So what I do is try to get a skin-tone average in post production software, but you may see color shifts between shots nonetheless. With so many shots to process in a timely manner, I choose to not deal with every affected image; realistically, I can't and still get these things done. I would be happy to revisit individual shots, feel free to contact me and we'll go from there.

I do some limited mounting, using a wonderful product called Gatorboard that won't bend or warp over time, and standard mounting using high quality matte board, plus archival-quality adhesive. Since I'm a cabinetmaker by trade, I also craft custom frames. So if you want me to do that work, just drop me a line at and we'll go from there!